February 18, Los Angeles February 22, Bogota February 25, Bogota March 1, Medellin  

In February New York-based photojournalist Donna DeCesare began a trip through Colombia and Guatemala with a stop in Los Angeles for the baptism of the daughter of a friend of hers.

She created "Travelogue," a personal diary with photographs and text updated every few days. This project marks a departure both for her and for photojournalism into what Henri Cartier-Bresson once called its real function, "keeping a journal with a camera." Using e-mail, hypertext and with a spirit of adventure, De Cesare collaborated with PixelPress to show the people and situations that are rarely shown in mainstream publications. The Travelogue will be updated in the weeks to come.

March 2, Colombia March 8, Guatemala March 18, Guatemala March 25, Guatemala

March 28, Guatemala March 31, Guatemala April 7, Bogota April 11, Bogota

April 14, San Vicente del Caguan April 24, Bello, Colombia May: New York City


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All photographs in this series copyright © Donna DeCesare.