Drug dealer, Guatemala City. March 17, 2001.


Guatemala City, March 18, 2001

The past week I've been hanging out with gang kids, looking up deportees from LA, meeting with human rights groups and with youth programs. I'm casting a wide net, but feel I've hardly had time to do any serious photography. I'm eager to dig into one place or story I can really focus on and do well. Patience.

This weekend some friends took me to meet "the pillow man" who sells cocaine and crack to upper class kids. I saw a street performance by a group who work with gang kids. It was called La Redada--police sweep. The little built in flash of my digital camera is frustrating me. Am eager to see my film.

Drove out of the city to meet the family of a youth who is in INS detention in the US. He is hoping he can stay in the US because he fears being killed by a gang if he is sent back to Guatemala. His father took me to the cemetery where one of his other sons is buried--he was killed at a party by a gang of cattle rustlers. Later the same day I met the youth’s cousin--a seventeen year old who miraculously survived multiple gunshot wounds. He told me that his older brother was murdered by gangs when he was deported back to Guatemala. He hopes his cousin can stay in the US.

Guatemala, March 25