A collective dream for the new year


Received via e-mail:

> ONE DAY IN PEACE, January 1st, 2000
> This is a 24 hour concept where no guns are
> fired anywhere on earth, including on television.
> What if: for 24 hours, whosoever was at war in
> December 1999, agrees that for one whole day,
> no guns would be fired. The silence would be golden.
> What if, the television programmers of the world agreed
> NOT to air any programming with a violent content?
> At present, this ONE DAY IN PEACE concept is
> beginning to get further circulation. Can you spread this
> concept so that a possibility might become a reality?
> This is a "thought-wave campaign"-that is to say,
> the more people who grasp this thought, the more it
> comes into reality.
> JANUARY 1st, 2000

UPDATE received 6 December 1999:

>The United Nations has invited EVERY government,
>organization and individual to help create humanity's first
>day of peace ever. More than 1000 organizations in 140
>nations are spreading the word. 50 governments have
>pledged their support for One Day In Peace.

Photo by Erik Colonius. "Subway car, New York City, 1973"
From the National Archives and Records Administration