Dear friends and colleagues,

In the spirit of memory we are creating a Web site that will serve as an international monument to the tragic events of September 11, 2001. We want it not only to begin to measure what we have lost, but also to confront the new kind of world in which we are all going to have to live. And we want this site to be an affirmation of the existence of a large community of concerned and caring people.

We invite anyone interested in submitting responses to do so. Digital files of any medium can be submitted – pictures, short movies, text and audio. The files should be no larger than 1.5 MB. We will also publish your name and the city or country where you live, so please indicate both. We assume that you have the publication rights to any material that you are submitting.
(Due to the volume of submissions, we may not be able to publish all materials. We are overwhelmed by the response.)

Submissions may be edited to make them more concise. We also reserve the right to refuse to publish racist and inflammatory statements - our interest is in understanding and remembering.

Please send digital files to: And please come back to visit the site as it grows.

With warm wishes for a peaceful future,

The Staff at PixelPress