"Democracy in America" is a project by PixelPress to try and understand how America has changed since September 11, 2001, and how America has changed the world since then. Photographers and writers will be commenting on various facets of the change. Brian Palmer's "Digital Diary: Witnessing the War," began our coverage and we continue with "Twin Soldiers: An American Story," by Theo Rigby.

For those readers with words, images and ideas to share, we can be contacted at response@pixelpress.org.

"Democracy in America" refers, of course, to Alexis de Tocqueville's landmark exploration of the USA nearly two hundred years ago.

This project, "Democracy in America," is supported in part by a generous grant from the Volkart Foundation. "Photographs by Iraqi Civilians, 2004" is partially supported by the generosity of the Open Society Institute.

The steering committee for Democracy in America includes Lacy Austin, Andre Lambertson, Dawn Peterson, Joseph Rodriguez, and the staff of PixelPress.