War always affects the non-combatants.

These photos were taken while in the Jenin refugee camp (West Bank/Palestine) during the latest Israeli incursion. No one was allowed in or out and the streets were almost without people.

The camp was closed and under curfew.

After going around the camp and viewing the widespread destruction that at some point seemed unbelievable, it was my intention to somehow translate to others how innocent civilians can be affected by conflict and, more to the point, how individuals in the Jenin camp were affected.

A living room is a sanctuary to the family. It is the central room in a house… where families get together to share the good times and bad… a place where children can do their school work… where neighbors meet and chat… a place to gather and watch television or listen to the radio…

It's a place where families come together.

It was a reoccurring scene that I could not ignore.

These living rooms that were left in their natural state as families fled the fighting are a reminder of war’s unnatural burden on the innocents. If the homes were not completely destroyed and leveled, they were sheared open like human-sized dollhouses, for all to see.

The living room as still life reflects a familiar setting to all viewers, but in these photographs a situation not familiar to most.

It is a portrait of an intimate setting violated by war.

- Gary Fabiano

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