El Niño is available as a book published in 1999 under the Image and Imagination Series of Syracuse University Press. A full text by Elena Poniatowska accompanies Klich's photographs in the book.

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From the book jacket:
"For nearly ten years documentary photographer Kent Klich worked on the streets of Mexico City living with and photographing some of the tens of thousands of children who call the city's streets 'home.' Along with Klich's photographs, the text by Mexican writer Elena Poniatowska depicts the brutal living conditions, the loneliness, illness, and desperation that is everyday life to these children.

"Kent Klich, Swedish photographer and former psychologist, joined Magnum Photos in 1998. His photographs of Mexican street children were the subject of a feature article in DoubleTake magazine and several were published in Mexico Through Foreign Eyes. Klich, whose first book of photographs is The Book of Beth, is currently photographing children with HIV/AIDS in Romania.

"Elena Poniatowska is a Mexican journalist and novelist who has published about thirty books, many of which deal with Mexico's most pressing social and political issues. Four of her books have been translated into English, Massacre in Mexico, Dear Diego, Tinísma, and Nothing, Nobody."

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