Joseph Rodriguez's new book, STILL HERE: Stories After Katrina, should be familliar to readers of PixelPress online. A portion of the work has been published here over the last several years as Rodriguez repeatedly traveled to New Orleans and explored the lives of the survivors. He functioned not only as a witness in the conventional documentary sense, but also as a person who felt that he owed it to those "still here" to let the world know their pain and to let them know that someone is still listening. Rodriguez, as much as anything, believes in the redemptive power of community and his beliefs show in these terribly poignant and affirming images.

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Crude Reflection: Oil, Ruin, and Resistance in the Amazon Rainforest Cruda
Realidad: Petróleo, Devastación y Resistencia en la Amazonía

This bilingual book by authors Lou Dematteis and Kayana Szymczak.chronicles the impact of Texaco's oil drilling in the Ecuadoran Amazon on people and the environment, a much more toxic disaster than the more famous Exxon Valdez. The pollution is so extensive that elevated rates of cancer have been reported, as well as birth defects and spontaneous miscarriages among the 30,000 people living where Texaco (now Chevron) operated from 1964-1992. Medical experts predict that the widespread pollution, if not cleaned up, will lead to thousands of deaths from cancer and contribute to the disappearance of five indigenous rainforest communities.

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