As part of the United Nations interagency initiative ‘Chasing the Dream: Youth Faces of the Millennium Development Goals’ the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) asked us to create a web site in three languages to examine current progress towards achieving the eight Millennium Development Goals, approved by 189 UN member states in the year 2000, with a critical focus on young people. The site features photo essays profiling the lives of eight young people in eight locations - Brazil, Cambodia, India, Jamaica, Uganda, Morocco, the Kyangwali refugee settlement in North Uganda and the Ukraine - photographed by Argentinean photojournalist Diego Goldberg with accompanying stories by Argentinean journalist Roberto Guareschi. In addition, the site includes stunning photographs and texts by young people living in each of these eight areas, created during workshops taught as part of this initiative. Chasing the Dream was funded by the government of Finland and supported by the following UN agencies: DESA, ECA, UNESCO, UNFPA, UN Millennium Campaign, World Bank and YEN.

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