PixelPress has been devoted to realizing new media strategies since its inception in 1999, attempting to explore ideas and examine issues in ways that are more complex and with greater depth than conventional media.  At the same time PixelPress used new media strategies while engaged in many collaborative projects with humanitarian organizations to help them ameliorate the lives of people in various parts of the world.  This new book, After Photography, by PixelPress director Fred Ritchin, is a look at the crisis in media representation and an exploration of ways of using digital media to much greater effect. It argues that digital media are not the same as their previous incarnations in the analog form; in fact they can do many things differently and more effectively, using non-linearity, interactivity, layers, and a variety of other approaches. An accompanying blog,, is also available as a forum for discussion and as a space for updating some of the book's ideas.

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