Editor's note:

On February 23 in the New York Times, columnist Nicholas Kristof published four photographs from a classified archive belonging to the African Union. Photographs are not usually published on the New York Times opinion page. These images depict horrific examples of the current atrocities in Darfur, Sudan. In the spirit of alerting the world and eliciting a response, he has given PixelPress permission to publish these photos and provided us with a few more. He also has allowed us to excerpt his column, “The Secret Genocide Archive.”

A question: Why has a columnist published these pictures, and not the news pages of our many newspapers and magazines? Are the photos too shocking? Do they demand too much of us?

We join Kristof in suggesting that any person who is moved to try and help can begin by referring to websites like www.darfurgenocide.org or www.savedarfur.org.

Photos courtesy Nicholas Kristof/The New York Times and the African Union.

Texts, including captions, courtesy Nicholas Kristof/The New York Times, from his February 23 column, “The Secret Genocide Archive.”